Friday, February 4, 2011

Tung Oil

I tried using Tung Oil as the finish on the last couple guitars I've built, and I gotta tell you, I think it is great. 

I really like the way it flows on the wood surfaces, and the semi-gloss luster of it is nice.  I like poly for the durability of it, but the oil is a better choice for me. 

Tung Oil can be applied with a soft cloth, but I prefer to use small brush to carefully stroke it smoothly onto the surface.  Within thirty minutes, it is ready for a light sanding with 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper, buffing with a lint-free cloth, and after drying overnight, it leaves a beautiful finish.  If the finish starts to lose its luster after a time, a light coat of oil brings it back to life.

It's worth a try.  Let me know what you think.

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