Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gusle Play in the UK

A couple months ago, I received a note from a lady in the UK, who wanted me to create a bow she could use to play her Gusle, while reciting epic poetry and singing historically based songs.  This is a photo of Jade Buck putting my bow to work.

Notice I tried to give the bow a touch of similarity to the ram's head on the Gusle headstock.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Bison Rule, Sometime

On a recent trip through southeast Montana, this bison bull had traffic slowed in the oncoming lane for more than a mile, and it's obvious he doesn't have any intention of changing his meandering way.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scott Moodie Is The Winner

The winner of the 're-purpose the vintage violin case' contest is announced.

Scott Moodie is the winner of the TotalRojo 'The Triangle' guitar. 

Congratulations Scott, and thanks for the suggestion for the creation of a lap steel guitar to fit the case.

The project is underway and photos will be posted in a couple weeks.  So stay tuned to this site for the reveal.

Pups Off To Ireland And United Kingdom

Custom handwound TotalRojo magnetic guitar pickups ranging in tone from warm and fuzzy
to scorch your shorts are on the way to my buddy Carl in Ireland.
He's popping these little devils into an assortment of special creations
for a group of Emerald Isle rockers.

My friend Paul, who resides in the land of the Queen Mother, asked that I create
a three-string mag pup for a future build he is planning.  A TotalRojo pup is now
calling the United Kingdom home.


If you like what you see here, and if you want a unique creation,
send me a note specifying your need, and I'll whip up a really cool
one-of-a-kind magnetic pickup for you.  

Three-string with volume pot and jack -- $40
Four-string with volume pot and jack -- $50
(postage extra)

Special requests served, and priced individually according to specification.

Write me: