Friday, September 23, 2011

The 'Iron Cross' for Cpl. Chase

Cpl. Ryan Chase is stationed in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan and he asked me to build him a three-string electro/acoustic guitar, which he could play with a slide. He also wanted an amp that would carry the 'Iron Cross' theme, and blow a little sound around, while rockets are exploding around his station.

So, I chose an Oliva cigar box for the guitar and inserted a walnut neck with maple fingerboard.  Sound holes are cut in the shape of the iron cross, and I applied a large iron cross graphic to the back of the box.  String action is a little more spacey than usual to accommodate the slide, and it's tuned to open-G (G-D-g) so he can easily play hundreds of songs.

The 'Iron Cross' amp is a compact Saint Luis Rey cigar box with GuitarFuel harness.  The speaker opening is screen backed in the form of a cross, and stylized crosses decorate the sides of the box.

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