Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm always scouting around for places to pick up cigar boxes and I've been fortunate enough to discover really cool off-the-beaten-path cigar shops.  My friends Jeff at Burning Leaf and Ed at Woodland Cigars were willing to trade me boxes for a guitar they could display in their shops, so that helped the inventory in my shed.

While my wife and I were eating at our favorite Columbus deli, I happened to see a small ad on the front page of an entertainment tabloid, which announced the locations for House of Cigar, another cool place I discovered.

On our way, I stopped to check out the place.  More really cool boxes for future CBG masterpieces, right?  Well, it was more than I expected.  They have outta sight cigar boxes, and after the lady behind the counter learned what I do with the treasures I pick up, she wanted me to create a guitar for her daughter.

So, here it is:   An electric six-string with a Tatuaje cigar box for a body and a Fender Strat neck to stretch it out.

This is for a girl, so I wanted it to be a little less 'in your face' design.  I decided on letting the original box  (red color from the factory) carry the design, with simple hand striped accent.  The name 'Darine' came from the woman requesting that I paint her daughter's name on the top of the body.  Again, simplicity seemed to be the way to go.

A single coil magnetic pickup with on-board volume control broadcasts sound, which is about as simple as it gets.

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