Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Bee In Africa

Anthony Dennis is a Seabee stationed somewhere in Africa, who is receiving this guitar as a gift to show appreciation for what he and many other servicemen and women are doing to preserve our freedom.

Like other GIs, Anthony placed a message on the CigarBoxNation site asking if any of us creators could make a guitar for him to help pass the time in a place most of us would never think of visiting, especially under his conditions.  So, I took the opportunity to give back a little for all the good things that I've experienced.

This three-string electro/acoustic uses an Oliveros cigar box as a basis for the build.  A neck made of oak and a poplar fretboard is the setup.  Strings pass from an exposed tailpiece to one-piece tuners for a sleek transition, and the action is low for finger style playing (amplified sound may be a little scarce in Africa).  But, if Anthony gets the urge to crank out a little Delta Blues, he can easily adjust the saddle to add a bit more string action.  The electro part is a Piezo pickup located under the top near the bridge, which transfers sound nicely to an amp.

Give it hell Anthony!

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