Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hang Your Guitar

I've seen several options for hanging cigar box guitars, but none of them seemed to work for me.  I didn't like the idea of attaching a string to the headstock to hand the thing from a nail.  The idea of drilling a hole through the headstock to hang it on a nail wasn't too inviting.  Commercial guitar hangers are good for 'regular' guitars, but not too handy for a CBG, and besides they're expensive as hell, anywhere from $9 to $25, that's pricey, especially when you have multiple instruments to hang.

So, I got to thinking (for me, that's dangerous as hell), I can make a hanger that will function well and be affordable, too.  Take a look at my creations:

This model works well on a guitar with a conventional-shaped headstock.

This model works well on headstocks without the conventional outward shape at the base of the headstock.


Now, here's the really cool part of this.  I'll sell these little devils . . .

$5.00 each, plus shipping
Buy 5 or more, and the shipping is free!

Place your order:


But, if you're like me, you'll build your own, and that's OK with me, I like it when folks are creative.  Either way, it's a bargain!

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