Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I found a red LaGloria Cubana Series N cigar box at my favorite cigar shop the other day, which I was sure would make a perfect amp.  So, off I went with the thing tucked securely under my arm, with numerous images dancing around in my skull.

Back at my shop, it took me about 20 seconds to noodle a design, and out came the drill bits, Xacto mini saw,  a couple files, and my favorite MAH3 GuitarFuel harness.

The speaker openings are simple holes drilled with varying size Forstner bits, in a circle on the back of the box.  Rubber feet are from the local hardware store, along with the handle, which is a cabinet pull.  On/Off, Volume, Tone and Overdrive controls are on the upper right side, and Input jack, AC adapter plug, and ear bud jack are located below the controls on the right side, for convenience.  The front of the box slides open to reveal the inner workings.

This little gem took me about an hour to complete, and to test drive on one of my guitars.  Like usual, all the controls worked perfectly, and it sounds good to boot.

I named it 'Red' for obvious reasons.

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