Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jimmy V's 'Pantie Dropper'

I dropped into the Burning Leaf Cigar Shop last week to say hello to Jeff and to pick up a couple boxes for future amps and guitars, and while there I made a new friend, Valter, who owns Jimmy V's Grill & Pub a block away.

Valter asked me to make a guitar for him.  We kicked the idea around and settled on a design, which at the time was a little different than what I finally created.  Valter really liked the 'Pantie Dropper', which I built for myself, and asked if he could buy it.  When I told him that it was not for sale, and that this particular box design was rare and no longer available, he decided something else would be just fine, so long as it was designed with the business logo. 

I got home and thought about it and decided to part with the 'Pantie Dropper', so that Valter would be able to enjoy it.  Some things are just meant to be, right?

The TotalRojo Guitars 'Jimmy V's Pantie Dropper' is a set neck, three-string, electro/acoustic guitar designed around a rare and old Oliva cigar box, which is no longer in production, and is perfectly shaped for a guitar.

The neck is oak with a walnut stained maple fretboard with stainless frets, which are hand set and dressed.  The 25.25" scale matches my Martin acoustic guitar.  BBs (my usual touch) are inlaid on the side of the neck to mark the critical fret locations.  Gotoh-type tuners stretch the 5-4-3 strings, from a regular 10-46 gauge set, over brass nut and saddle, from a tailpiece made from a silver spoon I stole from my wife's silverware collection.  (Boy, I'm in trouble! But, I believe it is much easier to receive forgiveness than permission).  I cut out the opening in the 'O' logo, on the face of the box, for a sound hole and backed it with screen to keep any varmints out and the stash in.  The output jack bezel, made from a metal sliding door thingy, is attached inside the box to a Piezo transducer for amplification (it's always a little noisy, when amped, but it's what one expects from a Piezo).  I tuned it to open G tuning (G-D-g), which offers great versatility for lots of songs.

To finish off the design, and to satisfy Valter's request, I burned the Jimmy V's logo into the back of the box and finished the entire guitar with Poly.  A little guitar wax, and it's ready to rock.

The sound is really cool, somewhere between a guitar and a banjo, and the volume and sustain, when played acoustically, is awesome and much greater than one would expect from a little cigar box. 

Yes, Valter, when you light this up in the bar at Jimmy V's, the girls panties are gonna drop right off.


Attached here are photos today of Valter receiving his new guitar at Jimmy V's in Columbus, Ohio. 

If you have the opportunity, drop by Jimmy V's Grill & Pub, on South High Street in German Village, for a lunch, dinner, or a drink.  It's a great place, with even greater social personality.  The outdoor patio is so comfortable, and Valter will make you feel right at home . . . I guarantee it!  You will not be sorry for stopping by.  And, tell him Jess sent you.

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