Friday, September 23, 2011


Nearly sixty years ago, my friend Marv cut my hair on a regular weekly basis.  He is the only guy I've ever met who could cut a 'flat-top', and do it right, so that it was 'flat', and not the military round over.  Thanks, Marv, you were 'da man!

I lost track of Marv after I married and started my career.  Marv also married (a gorgeous gal from our high school -- I have no idea how he trapped her), and moved to the left coast to operate a chain of barber shops.  Through the magic of the Internet and email, Marv and I reconnected a month ago, thanks to my other friend Jim.

Needless to say, my hair has been longer for a whole lotta years, because I moved away.

Marv saw my web site and asked me to make a guitar for his 7-year-old grandson Steven, who is nuts about Spider-Man.  Gramps bought Steven a regular size guitar, but he's too small to play it, so a CBG is just the ticket.

I shipped the 'Spider-Man' today, and I cannot wait to hear what the reaction is from Steven.  I bet he wets his pants, when he sees the cover of the box.

It's a straight-forward three-string acoustic tuned to the top three strings on a regular git (G-B-e), so it is easy to chord using the basic guitar chords, and leaving off the notes for the 6-5-4 strings. 

I played it last night, like I do each guitar I create, and it sounds really good.  So, I'm probably as happy as Steven will be.

Take a look, and let me know what you think.

Here is Steven with his new guitar.

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