Saturday, November 12, 2011

Amp Creations

I worked my butt off the past two days creating eight new amps for the Art Center Holiday Fair, which is opening November 19.  These will compliment the 17 guitars I have displayed.

All my amps carry GuitarFuel AD-2W or SD-MAH3 harnesses, which are either 3w or 5w little monsters.  It's easy to tell the difference when looking at thephotos . . . the 2W has only two control knobs (Volume-On-Off and Tone), while the MAH3 has three control knobs (the extra knob is for 'Gain').

Like all my stuff, I've named the amps in order or presentation . . . 'Rox'; 'Exodus'; 'The Freak'; 'Naked Lady'; 'The Brick'; 'Temple Hall'; 'Casa Magna' and ''Louie'.

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