Saturday, December 7, 2013

'The Lion' In Winter

I most nearly froze my butt this morning shooting photos of 'The Lion', which is the most recent creation coming out of my shop.

Although, the temperature here in Mansfield, OH was about 28 degrees (that's above zero) with a slight wind blowing, it is nothing like where I grew up.  Temperature in Great Falls, Montana this morning was a balmy -24 degrees (raw temp with no listed wind chill, but I know from experience the wind was blowing - it always blows - hard), while the temp in central Antarctica was a mere -22 degrees.  Yes, folks, it gets very chilly on the central plains of the Big Sky Country.

'The Lion' is a three-string electro/acoustic guitar with oak scarf joint neck and 20-fret chakte kok fingerboard, TotalRojo hand wound pickup and bridge.  The nut is hand shaped from Corian and the saddle is an old skeleton key I found hiding in the cluttered recesses of my tool box.  The exposed tailpiece is a laminated cherry-maple-cherry item, and the tuners are closed gear.  The body is a Totalmenta a mano cigar box from Esteli, Nicaragua. Five coats of poly make the neck and body as slick and glossy as an ice rink.

Acoustic resonance is quite good for a small body, which I attribute to the thin Spanish cedar laminated top and star-shaped sound holes.  The pickup located close to the bridge give the guitar a warm and mellow sound, but it is not to be confused with weak, 'cause that ain't the case.  'The Lion' roars, when plugged into an amp.

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