Monday, June 23, 2014

'Gutshaker II'

The only carry-over from the last hotrod I built is the license plate.  What to do with it?

I decided the proper thing was to use it as the resonator for a cigar box guitar.

I've got a bunch of Tatuaje cigar boxes on inventory, for special occasions, because they are no longer being produced, so I decided to make a three-string guitar.  The neck is walnut with Spanish cedar overlay on the headstock.  The fretboard is Ziricote wood, which is my favorite . . . it's beautiful wood! The nut, floating saddle and tailstock are made from Corian.  And the magnetic pickup is covered and painted to blend with the plate.  The headstock medallion is a Montana quarter, which seemed appropriate, because of the plate, and the thing will always be worth something.  I placed my logo in the area usually provided for the date sticker. and one of the bolt holes is now the output jack for the amp . . . it keeps things plain and simple, which I like.

I chose to paint the box black, to let the plate emphasize the build, and to also have a surface to create the little creature I refer to as the Gutshaker.

I've been doing graphics and pinstriping on rods and customs for more than fifty years, and the little guy was the focal point of the '27 T, so why not on the guitar.  And, the colors matched as well.

Bed rail art for the 'T'.

The 'T' is powered by a pumped up 327 c.i. Chevy V-8 moving muscle through a 350 turbo hydro tranny to a Corvette posi rearend.  It's so damn hot and light that it will climb a telephone pole.  And, the guitar will rattle the windows when amped up.

Yes, they're 'Gutshakers'!

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