Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bastion Hospital Gets Another CBG

US Navy Corpsman Nicki Tarant requested a CBG, and I'm glad that I'm the person chosen to provide her with it.

Like all of the folks at Bastion Hospital, whom I've had the opportunity to build guitars for, Nicki doesn't make any demands, she just would like a guitar.  Well, Nicki, yours will be on the way Monday.

It's a three-string electro/acoustic ready for you to start playing.  As an accomplished six-string player, you'll have no trouble making this little TotalRojo rascal romp.

Perhaps you can form a 'Sand Band' with LT Virginia Sullivan, Chuck Setzer, and Brittany Saulsberry, along with some others who have received guitars from builders on CigarBoxNation.    q;-)   Please say hello to them for me.

Life at Bastion is not 'cake walk', and the daily pressure of treating traumatic injuries can take a toll on the best, and my friends there are THE BEST!  If I can bring a little pleasure to them in the form of a musical instrument, then I consider it the least I can do to thank them for keeping me safe here at home.