Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Like Eatin' Potato Chips

I'm about to finish construction of the 32nd CBG.  I cannot believe what an enjoyable hobby this has become.

A Little over a year ago, I plunged into this, after reading a magazine article and researching it on the web. 

The excitement demonstrated by members of cigarboxnation,
handmademusicclubhouse, and cigarboxguitarsaustralia hooked me.

It doesn't hurt that I know how to use hand tools, and that I am artistic, but just looking at what others do to create such beautiful and playable instruments is so stimulating.  There are some very talented and creative people out there working in their basement workshops to produce some of the most interesting 'art' you'll have the pleasure of seeing.  Take a look, you'll be glad you did.

It wasn't difficult to get into the swing of it all, after studying what I saw on the CBG web sites.  I took a good hard look at the construction of my Martin acoustic guitar, compared it to the way my solid body Strat was built, and then compared all that to the way my new Ibanez hollowbody electric (a Christmas present from my wife) is constructed.  A few critical measurements from each, and I was off to create the Hemingway, which turned out quite well, and plays well, too.

When I first layed a thumb on the bass string of the Hemingway and combined that with the tone of a treble pluck, there was no looking back, other than to admire what I had created, and to look forward to something new.

And, today I'll put strings on the Piramide (#32) and play some funky blues.  Damn, this is a great hobby!

It's like eating potato chips . . . you can't eat just one!

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