Monday, January 31, 2011

Latest Creations

'Double Trouble' 

'Double Trouble' and 'Toro' are my latest creations. 

Each guitar is a three-string instrument hand made from an Arturo Fuente OpusX Limited Edition Lost City cigar box provided by my Houston Friend Jennifer.  There were only 1200 of each box released in November 2010, so each guitar is a rather unique creation. 

An oak neck, poplar fingerboard with 20 hand dressed and seated stainless frets, custom recessed sound hole covers, brass nut and saddle, and a Piezo pickup to transfer sound, completes each smooth sounding and easy to play guitar.


The 'Toro' box is a little shorter and about an inch wider than the 'DT'.  The headstocks and a couple other design elements distinguish each of the guitars, but I wanted to keep the basic footprint very similar, because of the Lost City distinction.

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