Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guitar Case with Amp

It's about time for me to consider how I'm going to carry around with me, any one of the sixteen guitars I've built.  So, a couple weeks ago I got the hairy idea for building a case, not just any ol' case, but one which is a little unusual, and which would include an amp for the days when I decide to do a street-corner gig.

After a little noodling on the idea and a sketch or three, the vision of an oak box large enough to handle any of the cigar box guitars, with the exception of the bass, and complete with storage area for picks, slides, amp cord, extra strings, and built-in amp, I hit the workshop.

The top and body framework is covered in 1/4" oak veneer (1-1/2" lid, and 2-1/2" body) and hinged with a brass piano hinge to match all the other metal trim pieces.  Inside is a padded velvet body cavity which will accommodate any of my guitars, and adjacent to this is a padded neck rest with leather strap to secure things.  On the lid is a velvet covered pad which holds the guitar in place when the lid is closed.  To keep things out of sight and secure is a neat little area with hinged lid held in place by a wood turn-'shoe'.  Next to the storage compartment is a recessed area (a margarine container salvaged from kitchen trash) which is a recess for the speaker mounted in the lid . . . maybe, if I do a street-corner gig, someone will toss in a coin or six to show their appreciation for an old guy banging out sound on a groovy looking instrument.  And, finally, I installed another monster amp provided by my friend Ty from Guitar Fuel.  I already explained the amp thing in a prior post, so I'll spare you the repetition, but suffice it to say this is a cool case with a real purpose. 

Yes, I'll build one for you, just lay on some long, lean, Green.

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