Sunday, June 15, 2014

'Big Boy' Pounds Out Sound

Finally, the Zenith radio conversion to an amp is complete.  The cabinet is in great condition and the only need was to clean and polish it.  After removing all the internal mechanism and listing them on eBay (by the way everything sold for more than the cost of the redo), I scavenged speakers from another cadaver, replaced the cloth speaker cover with something vintage looking, installed a battery-powered GuitarFuel amp harness, and most everything is in place and ready to go.  Controls for the amp are located on the side of the cabinet for easy use when playing my guitar(s).

One exception.  The main face plate and dial arrangement had to be fitted to make this thing look a little bit authentic.  My son suggested that I install a small motor and light.  The light to add illumination to the face, and the motor to turn the dial like a propeller, for a little fun.

This took some 'injunity', but the result is good.  The light works on the same AC circuit as the motor, which is speed controlled through a rheostat, and both features are controlled with a push switch on the front of the cabinet.

Now, I must decide about what I'm going to do with this.  I really don't need another amp -- five or six are enough, me thinks.  It's too bulky to ship anywhere - to say nothing about cost.  And, my kids aren't into antique re-purposed furniture.  Oh, well, I just might sit back and watch the dial turn, while contemplating what a great rock & roller I might have been.   ;-)

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