Friday, May 27, 2011

Afghan Girls!

Let me introduce you to Navy Corpsman Charles Setzer's Afghan girls, 'Crystal' and 'Blondie'.

Crystal's long, sleek, dark, neck accentuates her slender, honey-colored and art-adorned body, and when you carefully move your hands over her smooth form, she purrs like a kitten.  The more you stroke her the better she performs.

Blondie's more compact body radiates a certain warmth, and when you turn her on, the sound can be deafening.

Whoa!  Now that I have your attention, I confess that I'm describing the cigar box guitar and mini amp that I built and shipped today to Chuck, who is stationed at Bastion Hospital in Afghanistan.

'Crystal' is a 25.25" scale, four-string, electro/acoustic guitar, based on an Ashton Crystal No. 1 cigar box, with an oak neck and maple fretboard.  The art on the front of the guitar is a selection Chuck enjoys; the eagle and Blondie are my idea; and the Caduceus is the insignia.  Chuck is a Sailor, but he considers himself more a Marine, thus the 'Devil Doc' art on the inside of the box.


'Blondie' is a mini amp constructed from an Acid Cigars Blondie Belicoso cigar box.  The GuitarFuel harness and speaker is powered by a 9-volt battery (AC, when using an adapter) and controls include volume, tone, and tone expander.

Stay safe and well Chuck, and come home soon.

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