Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Smoke Roots'

I built this three-string electro/acoustic guitar for my friend Ed who owns Woodland Cigars in Delaware.

The body is from a cigar box made exclusively for his shop, by Carlos Torano.  It is a really cool box with  what appears to be Spanish cedar sides and a cedar and perhaps birch laminated top, which contrasts well with the black walnut neck and maple fretboard. 

A mahogany veneer finishes off the scarfed seven degree headstock, while a fabricated tailstock string retainer makes it easy to change strings when the time comes.  Corian nut and saddle maintain a low string action for finger style pay.  Frets are all hand set, as usual for my guitars, and the poly finish really makes this sleek little devil look good. 

Resonance and sustain is very good, which undoubtedly comes from the interesting box construction.

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