Thursday, November 3, 2011


The 'Torano' is a straight-forward three-string electro/acoustic CBG created from a Torano Churchill cigar box.  A Piezo transducer serves as the pickup to transmit sound from the box to the amp, but it has great resonance and sustain when played acoustically.

Art on the box is so interesting that I had no graphic work to do to accentuate it.  Black hardware is used for sound hole, bridge and tailpiece covers.

The neck is walnut with maple fingerboard, and corian nut and saddle finish off the layout. 

Like most of my three-string CBGs, its tuned to G-D-g, utilizing the 5-4-3 strings from a set of 10-46 ga. strings.  Action is low to facilitate finger play, but it is good for slide work as well.

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