Friday, September 10, 2010


It has been my goal during the months of building cigar box guitars to create a six-string CBG using a Tatuaje cigar box as a body, because the Tatuaje is a large box just waiting to become an electric guitar.  My first thought was to create my own neck, but that suddenly changed, when I discovered that my tool shed didn't have the necessary gear, and I was not about to make the investment at this time, I'm too much of a novice for that leap. 

So, the time came a couple weeks ago while searching the web for various parts to enhance my hobby.  I ran across a used Fender Squier neck and various other items taken from used or discarded guitars. 

I couldn't resist the temptation so I bought, at greatly reduced prices, what I needed to fulfill my goal.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

The tricky part about creating this creature was fabricating the various pieces into a playable instrument.

First I layed the neck and bridge on top of the box to get a sense of where it should be placed to allow for proper scale length, while maintaining a comfortable playing surface and balance.  I carefully measured and marked the surface for future positioning, while keeping in mind that the box must be cut and reinforced to establish the integrity necessary in a payable guitar, and at the same time planning where the pickup, volume pot and output jack were to be located.

So, using a little Montana 'Injunuity' (my heritage had to come into play) and a bit of Kentucky windage, I measured twice, so I could manage to cut once.   Out came the tools.  Apart came the box.  Oak pieces were cut and glued where necessary to the inside of the box.  Cuts were made in the proper places.  A variety of files were used to finish the parts fitting process.  Once all the pieces were finally fitted and assembled (several times to satisfy my anal expectation), I made up the wiring harness, soldered wires, and bench tested the creation.  Everything worked, and it fit together nicely.  So, the only thing left was to add a nice finish to the box and to do the final assembly.

I couldn't wait to light this thing up and to hear how it sounded, and I was not disappointed.  It sounds great.  Deep bass and rich treble tones were emitting from my amp, and I was about to wet my pants.  I had just built my allmostafenderplank six-string guitar out of a cigar box and a bunch of discarded parts.

Damn, I love it when a plan comes together!

I think I'll do this again, just for grins.

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