Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Nifty Homemade Tool

I was cruising around the tool shed at one of the 'big box' stores the other day and bumped into what I thought would be a good addition to my shop, until I looked at the price.  A bench mount 2" spindle sanding drum was only $129. Ugh! 

I thought to myself, hell, I can make one of these for under ten bucks.  All I need is a $8 combination set of adjustable spindles (1/2" - 2") with sanding discs (sold at the same store), and I'm set. 

The spindles fit in my drill press and are recessed into a piece of wood (for convenient and accurate sanding), which is bolted to the press table. I even got crafty and built a fence to fit on the table so that I can precision sand if I want.

And the $120 I saved will buy a little Heineken to quench my thirst after a hard days work.

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