Sunday, January 23, 2011

Viewed 'Round the World

As a part of the stat counter on this blog, there is a listing of all views of the site from cities and countries around the world.  The bulk of these views come from the US, but, to my surprise, there are people from around the globe interested in my take on the creation of cigar box guitars and related information.

Without the WWW, it would be impossible to reach out to, or to engage, people from every continent, but it is happening.  There are people from Australia, Bulgaria, Norway, United Kingdom, Hungary, Philippines, Canada, Germany, Finland, India, Argentina, Poland, Bosnia/Herzegovina and Spain, who visit this blog regularly.

It's a real kick to get feedback from some of these folks.  And, it's equally as pleasing to be able to answer questions about what I do, and to be able to give advice and encouragement to them so that they will find enjoyment in a hobby that has been so fulfilling for me.

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