Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't Make Assumptions!

For years, I've heard and used the expression, "Don't make assumptions, because to assume makes an 'ASS-of-U-and-ME'."

Today, I had the opportunity to nearly experience it.

I was ready to ship a guitar to a friend.  I assumed that UPS was the best way to go, but I thought I better check around just in case I was wrong.  So, after a few calls, I discovered my assumption was not a good one. 

FedEX = $124.   UPS = $74.   USPS = $33.

That's correct, the United States Postal Service was the best choice. 

One might ask why it costs $10.33/# - FedEx; $6.17/# - UPS; and only $2.75/# with USPS?

And, people complain about the Postal Service!

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