Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Only Been A Year

I started building cigar box guitars just a year ago, finished number 29 a couple weeks ago, and the poly is now drying on #30.

Not my only hobby, but it is the one that is the most enjoyable.  Perhaps I'll get good at it some day.

It seems like I've been involved with CBGs for a lot longer, and I guess maybe I have been.  It started in high school with Cars, Beer and Girls, . . . that was just as interesting, almost as satisfying, and certainly as complex . . . but, not nearly as much fun.

I play golf, and at one time not too badly.  I fish, and have managed to become an accomplished fly fisherman, even tying my own designs at one time.  With the encouragement of my oldest son Jay, who rides competitively, I have learned the enjoyment of riding a multi-gear road bike, right down to wearing the funny shoes and colorful jerseys, but I stay away from the Spandex.  My youngest son Joe, who has rolled several 300 games, taught me how to properly bowl, and to survive the bowling league experience.  My friend Mark lured me out of retirement to learn to be a school/sports photographer, which has improved my overall use of a camera.  I built some pretty nifty hotrods, until I got tired of crawling around on the floor in the dirt and grease busting my knuckles.  I still pinstripe stuff, as witnessed in the photos of the guitars I build.   I read a lot, which gets in the way of the more fun stuff, but I just cannot get away from the intrigue and violence of a good Patterson, Clancy, Ludlum or Baldacci novel.  Thanks to the Internet, I have managed to re-connect with old friends I haven't seen or spoken with in nearly fifty years . . . that's a great thing.  And, last but not least, my wife has been successful in teaching me the benefits of regular exercise and proper diet . . . it's boring as hell, but my sawbones tells me it is working . . . I feel great, most of the time, and I take no medication.

Thanks, to all who encourage and tolerate me.  Now, I'm going to do what I like most, well, maybe not most, but certainly right up there with sex and rock & roll, I'm going to the workshop to build another guitar.

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