Friday, July 15, 2011

It's About Friendship

This post isn't about guitars or amps.  It's about a friendship that started nearly 65 years ago, when I was a first grader.

My friend Jim lived a couple blocks away and we were pretty much inseparable throughout our school days.  We did all the normal kid stuff, and then some, when in grade school.  We learned about girls and other fun stuff in junior high.  We made money delivering sheep manure for lawn fertilizer, when in high school.  We played sports, and even drank a beer or two, trying to become young adults.  But, the most memorable thing Jim recalls about our friendship was that I used to draw horses for him . . . lots of horses.  We each loved the nags, but Jim really did have a natural and keen equestrian interest.  To this day, so many years later, he still enjoys that interest, by raising world class Quarter Horses at his New Mexico home.

So, you're asking, where is this going?

Well, after high school, Jim and I went separate directions and I lost track of him, until just a few months ago, when we reconnected, after more than fifty years.  We now write each other often, and Jim recently reminded me of his appreciation for the drawings I did for him.  I really had no idea, but it is a nice feeling to know, that after all the years, he remembered and cared.

The drawing below, which Jim is holding, is the first I've done in years, and I did it especially for my friend.

It's about friendship!


  1. Hi Jess

    Is the Jim in the Photo - Jim Haworth?


  2. Yes, Jim Haworth is holding the only horse drawing I've done in more years than I care to remember.

    After recently reconnecting with him, he reminded me of the times when he pestered me to draw horses for him.

    So, I surprised him with the drawing. He was so excited that he has hung in his home with 'really good' art. Either I still have the touch, or he has bad eyes. q;-)

    At any rate, it was fun for me to surprise an old friend.