Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eddy's 3-String

HM2 Eddy Phouthaboun, a Navy Corpsman stationed at Bastion Hospital in sunny and sandy Afghanistan, recently received the San Francisco-themed guitar I made for him.

"We've been incredibly busy at the hospital lately," Eddy writes, "and it just just leaves me drained of all my energy.  I just want to go to sleep when I get off duty, but random loud speaker announcements prevent it."

"I love the CBG, and I've learned a couple songs already.  I have it with me today at work, and I plan on practicing during my breaks.  It gives me an excuse to get up and get outside to enjoy some fresh air and blistering sun, but it's well worth it.  Thank you again so much for the CBG, I love it."

Several days ago, I checked temperatures around the world and discovered that it was 115+ in the 'Stan, with no relief in sight.  And, I can only imagine how busy they are at Bastion, with the ongoing fighting insurgents, but my new friends NEVER complain about their jobs.  I think many of us could learn something from them.

Thanks, Eddy, and all the others, for what you are doing!

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  1. That's so wonderful, Jess. Really such a wonderful gift to give to a service man/woman who give so much of themselves. Very touching.