Monday, March 11, 2013

Give Me An Idea, and Win A Guitar!

A while back, I posted photos of a couple TotalRojo pickups I designed and created for my friend Carl, the wild man from Ireland, who traded me a wood violin case.  Well, here it is in all it's aging beauty.

I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but some ideas have come to mind.

What do you think about a stand-up base, small of course, built to match the size of the box.  Add a nice walnut neck with coco bola fretboard, fancy headstock, a shaped floor peg, a few strings, and it can be a real bass rig.

Or, it could become the home for a Ukulele in the shape of a Thompson submachinegun, ala Al Capone era fun tools.

How 'bout a multi-speaker amp to blow sound around the shed, while I'm busting out custom guitar orders.

But, I bet some of you readers out there have just the right idea for this little fella!  

So, share your thoughts with me here on my site, and . . . I'll gift the provider of the best idea with a custom built three-string cigar box guitar. 

That's right, you're not imagining anything.  Come up with the best idea for the re-purposing of the violin case, and I will give you a custom made guitar.

Come on now, I know you got some great ideas.


  1. turn it in to a dulcimer :-)

  2. dulcimer

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  4. Want a challenge, eh? How about building a cigar box guitar with a built in amp and harmonica mic, like a cigar box version of Jack White's guitar.

  5. it would make a great bass, so you should definitely consider that. It also might be cool to change the hinges to side pins so that you can remove the top. Turn the body into a lap slide/steel and mount a little amp and speakers into the lid. Then it would be a sweet portable slide rig.

  6. Use it to store a Tommy gun. Proper 1920s gangster style ;D

  7. decorative shelf

  8. Definately bass, uptight-style, but still playable like a regular cigar box. Neck and headstock wood needs to be antique-y, but doesn't have to match, but i would say something nice and dark that's at least close. The brass handle on the top there weld it solid and use it as the bridge... antiqued brass hardware throughout, with a traditional Warwick-style shape headstock. And F-holes. that thing needs f-holes.

  9. Kevin L. Gibbs left a comment that I accidentally deleted:

    "I like the idea of a violin shaped and styled Uke. Complete with f-holes and scroll style headstock."

    Sorry Kevin, but I think this will do.

  10. I'd use it for Liqueur storage; just insert appropriate padding and shelves; then insert bottles (body side) and shot glasses (scroll side) :-)
    But if you insist on a musical instrument you can turn it into a great hurdy gurdy :-)

  11. Fill it with 100 € banknotes and send it to me!

  12. retracting neck that comes out and forms a standing bass, but when closed also contains a thin cigar box guitar, a nice hohner harp, and a jews harp, for a complete band in a case!

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