Friday, March 15, 2013

Contest Results Pouring In

Great response!  
Thanks, everyone.

In the short time since posting the contest request asking for suggestions in re-purposing this wood violin case into something musical, numerous replies have been offered.

But, it's not over.  I'll let this run for a while longer to allow others to offer suggestions.

Come on folks, put on the thinking caps and noodle the idea around, 'cause the person with the most original and workable idea is going to win a really nice 3-string guitar cigar box guitar.

Listed below are the ideas I've received so far:

  • Jef Long -- A harp designed to be size appropriate to the case, but in the a traditional harp design.  Jef even provided a drawing to explain his thought.
  • Jonathan Greiner -- A dulcimer.
  • Craig Koen -- A lap slide guitar with built-in amp.
  • Roland Burghardt -- A sitar.
  • Randy Bretz -- A lap steel guitar.
  • Linda Potberg -- A two-sided dulcimer. One on either side of the cantilevered top.  She says that in the old days this was an instrument made for courting couples to keep playing music, rather than 'playing' around.
  • Humidor Guitars -- A stand up bass.  Even though I had offered that possibility, I'm still going to allow for the idea to be considered.
  • Rosalyn Baker -- Says it gotta be a stomp box.
  • Todd Kasuboske -- 'Put a violin in it.'
  • Anonymous -- A CBG with amp and harmonica mic.  (Too bad there is no name)
  • S. William Moody -- A bass.  This suggestion will also be considered.
  • S. William Moody -- A lap steel guitar with amp.
  • Anonymous -- 'Use it for Tommy gun storage.' 
  • Anonymous -- 'Use it as a storage shelf'.  
  • Chris Dobbs --  A bass playable as a CBG, with antique design effects. Use the handle as a bridge.  Antique brass hardware throughout. Warwick style headstock. 'And it's gotta have f-holes.'
  • Kevin Gibbs -- A violin-shaped Uke with f-holes and scroll headstock.
  • Baltazar Zoltar -- 'Liquor storage, or if you insist on a musical instrument, a hurdy gurdy.'
  • Rik Prins -- A viola da gamba.
  • Rik Prins -- A tromba marina.
  • Geri Dalbec -- A very clever keyboard inside.
  • Anonymous -- Fill it with 100E bank notes and send it to me.
  • Rocky Tolley -- Retracting neck that comes out and forms a standing bass, but when closed it also contains a thin cigar box guitar, a nice Hohner harp, and a Jews harp, for a complete band in a case.


  1. The "carved" top gives the opportunity for a viola da gamba style instrument. Or else a tromba marina

  2. It's been decided!

    The case will become a lap steel guitar. Photos to follow in a couple weeks.

    Thanks to S. William Moody for the suggestion. And, I hope he will contact me with an address, so I can send him a really cool CBG.

  3. great response to the violin case.some cool idea,s mate..carl