Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awesome Kids!

We had a heavy, wet snow - 3 inches or more - a couple weeks ago.

I was sitting around looking out the window contemplating the task at hand.  Do I really want to get dressed warm and to venture out to crank up the snow blower to deal with this stuff?  Snow blowers just don't move wet snow very well, and I sure as heck didn't want to shovel.

Maybe 'the guy' will come by to take care of my problem?  No, 'the guy' didn't show up as usual - probably too much of a job.  Wet and heavy is not as much fun for the money.

So, off I went to the coffee pot for a refill to help me make a decision.  While I was loading on caffeine, I heard a soft knock at the door.  Oh, no, is the door chime not working?  One more thing to ruin my day.

I opened the door and saw two small kids standing up to their ankles in snow, with shovels over their shoulders.  "This ain't 'the guy," I thought, unless he's shrunk and has small helper."

Zach and Rachel, ten-year-old cousins from another street away were drumming up business in the 'hood.

Rachel, the spokesperson said, "Can we shovel your driveway?"

I said, "It's pretty long, so you better look at it and decide if you want to do this, 'cause the snow is pretty heavy and wet."

They tromped off to investigate, and on returning said, "Yes!, we want to do it."

I asked how much they charged, and after giving it serious thought, Zach said, "Fourteen dollars."

I said, "Just so we're clear, you're going to shovel 110 feet of driveway and the walks and stoop for fourteen bucks?"

"Yup," they said in unison.

"OK, we got a deal," I said.  And off they went.

About an hour later, they returned, having done a great job, but looking pretty tired.

I asked, "How'd it go?"

Zach looked at me and said, "I think we should have asked for more."

I smiled and said, " I agree,"  and I handed Zach twenty-five bucks, saying, "You Zach, you gotta share this with Rachel," and Rachel said, "Oh, ya, we'll share!"

My final request was, "Can I take your photo, because I want to put it on my web site, to let my friends know that a couple really cool little kids live in my neighborhood?"  Zach replied, "Oh, I thought it would be in the newspaper."  And, I replied, "Don't worry Zach, my web site is better read."

Not all kids are tied to TV and video games, and my new friends, Zach and Rachel have demonstrated it clearly.  I hope they come by to visit some time, 'cause they're 'my kinda kids.

Zach and Rachel must have some awesome parents!

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