Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something Special!

There's something very special about watching someone's eyes light up, when they are presented with a surprise they were not expecting. 

It happened several months ago, when I gave son Joe the 'Cujo Mojo'.  Again, last month, when son Jay received his 'Peckerhead' guitar.  And, today was no different.

My friend Jeff's eyes were as big a silver dollars when I unwrapped the 'Maker's Mark' CBG and handed it to him.  Instantly, he looked it over, and said, "It's so much more than I had expected!" 

It was a toss up between the 'Bad Acid' amp, and the guitar for the first few moments, but then Jeff got down to business.  He turned the guitar in his hands, taking in every little detail, and softly touched the surfaces.  When he saw the flames, he said, "Man, this thing's on fire!" 

He plugged in the guitar and proceeded to entertain us with various songs, a couple he had written, and others he just likes to play.  Guys were coming and going at the Burning Leaf, but Jeff wasn't distracted, he just kept pickin' and grinnin', and the guys stood around listening and enjoying.

I'm not sure, but I think I was as happy as Jeff.  There is nothing as gratifying as to see the sparkle in the eyes and the look of happiness on a person's face, when they are pleasantly surprised.

Enjoy Jeff!   Because, I enjoyed building it, just about as much as watching you play it!

I had to check it out before passing it along to Jeff.

Son Joe took it for a test run.

Jeff is in another world right now!

Are those faces of happiness, or what?
Jeff and me, and the git makes three!

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