Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Neck Stock

I mentioned recently that I had made contact with a cabinet shop that was providing me with custom stock from which to create necks for my guitars.

Well, it happened.  My new friend Matt (co-owner) at the shop cut me a boat load of neck stock using ash, maple, and walnut, and he also tossed in an equal number of fretboard pieces to round out the order.

While we were cruising around the shop, Matt showed me the area in which they produce the solid surface (Corian) counter tops.  I noticed that the scrap pieces of Corian being discarded were just the right thing for nuts and saddles on my guitars.  So, I now have another boatload of Corian material from which to do more creation.

The real shocker came when I asked Matt what I owed him for the stuff, and he said, "Nothing!, I like what your doing."

So, yesterday, I surprised Matt with a three-string guitar as a gift for being so damn kind to me.  He didn't say much, he's a real quiet guy, but I could tell from his expression that he was real pleased . . . but, not nearly as much me.

Thanks Matt!

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