Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm not back in the guitar shack, yet, but I'm getting close.

It's only been two weeks (almost to the hour) since I got a new lease on life through open heart bypass surgery. 

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole ordeal.  One day, I'm out walking for three or four miles, when I feel a slight burning sensation in my chest. A day or so later I'm taking a stress test, then a heart catherization, and the rest is history.

However, recovery is going very well!  I think it's the miraculous intervention I expected (my Doc scolded me about expecting too much, too quickly), but ol' Doc Brown is so damn good, it's scary!  This guy works miracles, and my wife and I are living examples of it.  He wants me to have a bit more patience, so I agreed, as long as I could have it right now.

Up and down stairs with no problem (hand on the rail).  Sleeping in bed as usual.  Walking regularly (following Doc's orders, of course).  Eating whatever in hell I want (as long as it fits the orders (grains, nuts, fruit, vegetables, fish).  Showering by myself (that's sure as hell not much fun).  Watching my weight (the loss of eighteen pounds in the past six months allows me to see the scale).  Eliminating stress (haven't watched TV or read a newspaper in days) -- things must still be the same 'out there', cause the birds are walking, subway's in the hole, palisade's on the rocks, and government is still screwed up.

I cannot remember the names of all the people who made my hospital stay tolerable, but there are some very special folks, who I will never forget.  

Doctor Brown is an awesome surgeon and a really nice guy.  Dr. Freeman's personality is contagious, and he has the best sleep aids this side of Bangkok. Phil is a quiet and serious guy, and one of the most cerebral physician assistants anyone could ask to be in the care of.  

Peggy is out-a-site!  She is so thorough in her explanation of a procedure, but I never want her jerking around on me ever again (she had the honor of removing the three fluid drain tubes from my chest, and I must say it wasn't painful, but the woman lies, when she says, "You will experience a little pressure."  Pressure!, hell, it was like being dropped off a building!)  

Keely and LeeAnn were the nurses who had the pleasure of caring for this sorry ol' man after I returned from surgery, and was still under the influence of Doc Freeman's secret stash. They were outrageously kind and helpful, but, I soon learned that with a full-body wash down, a fella's dignity goes out the window.  It wouldn't have been so embarrassing, but these ladies are drop dead good looking, so when they're hosing down the intimates, a Seinfeld moment comes to mind.  What made it worse is when Keely smiled and said, "I can get a good looking boy to bathe you."  Enough already!

Garrett, Meaghan, Kim, Tonia, and so many others will stay with me in memory for a very long time.  Thanks you all.

Thanks to Mike and Jun (the guys in the operatory, who kept my motor going).  You're the best.

Thanks to all of the medical staff at Mid-Ohio Heart and MedCentral Hospital for making an uncomfortable situation the best it could possibly be.

I don't want to do it again, but I wouldn't go anywhere else for future care!

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