Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Allmosta Vintage Bench Vice

You may remember a post several weeks ago, where I posted a photo of the main parts of a vintage vice I found at the flea market.  Well, here's the finished product attached to the workbench in my shop.

The main jaw and tightening screw and block were the only pieces I bought, so, I had to fabricate the other necessary parts.  A scrap piece of oak; a steel rod left over from another project; spare wood knob from an amp build served as the cap for the rod; a small caster reclaimed and fabricated to make a guide block for the adjustment slide, and the project was nearly complete.

It took a little fooling around with installation on the existing bench, but it works.  And, it is just right for holding necks and bodies during the shaping and finishing process.

A helluva $5 investment.

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