Monday, December 5, 2011

'Big Chief Buffalo Nickel'

I mentioned in a previous post that the 'Indian' guitar sold to a Montana fella who wanted me to build a matching amp to go along with the git.  He's already renamed the guitar.  It's now 'Big Chief Buffalo Nickel', because his favorite bluesman is Leon Redbone, and one of Leon's song titles is the name Bruce picked.

Well, I've learned that the Indian Tabac cigars are not the most popular, so boxes are not as readily available as other smokes, which made it difficult to create a 'matching' amp.  Besides, I didn't really get all that excited about using a similar box for the blower . . . it would be too boring.

So, I got to looking through the hundred or so cigar boxes that I've collected to keep my hobby going, and I spotted the perfect shell, a Saint Louis Rey cigar box that is just the right size for an amp.  And, in this case, the basic box design lends itself perfectly to the build.

Ideas started to rattle around in my mind and I called my son Jay to see if he could put his Photoshop genius to work on some art for the box.  Of course, he said yes, and I was off and running to my shop.  I wanted this amp to have a little 'old west' flavor to go along with the guitar, but I won't bore you with design details, because you can see that in the photos loaded here.

The guts of the amp are the same as all my other amp creations . . . GuitarFuel SD-MAH3 harness . . , because the GF harness is simply the best there is to choose from.  It's a little pricier (a little) than some of the other junk you can find on the web and eBay, but 'you get what you pay for', a super product, and my friend Ty Falato is a great guy to work with.

If you like what you see, let me know.   But, if you don't like it, go roll a smoke and and in a couple minutes your attitude will change and you'll be wanting me to build something for you.

Here's the git and the 'matching' amp:

This just might be the coolest amp I've built, and it goes to a great friend.

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