Friday, November 25, 2011

The 'Stratocrapper' Is Gone

I received a call this evening from the Mansfield Art Center, to announce that someone had purchased my toilet seat guitar, the 'Stratocrapper'.  It's a moment of mixed emotions.  I liked that damn thing, and it played so well.  But, the buyer is happy, and that makes me feel good.

Geez, I hated to see it go, but I can always build another, right?


  1. Hi!

    I'm a hasher (see "drunking club with a running problem") in Atlanta, Ga. I don't know how much you know about hashers and hashing, but we all get politically incorrect or generally off-color nicknames that usually have something to do with the person in question. Since I'm a guitarist, I happened to get named "Strat-o-Crapper"! So imagine my surprise when I googled my hash name and actually got hits on your guitar!

    I'm having a 50th Birthday party in Atlanta and needed an image for the party invite. I hope you don't mind, but I used your lovely image above. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect representation!

    Just out of curiosity, how much did you get for this gem?

    Jim Peliksza
    Atlanta, Ga.

  2. Hi Jim:

    Thanks for the comments. I'm not familiar with a 'hasher', but it sounds like fun. No problem with using the images, just hope you get some good responses. If you like the strat, you'll love the 'Crapocaster' I'm building (a '50s bedpan turned into a six string). It's really cool, and I'll have pics up soon, so stay tuned to my site -- join by clicking on the 'follow' button just to the right on this page.