Thursday, June 16, 2011

On the DoD Radar!

I have a stat counter on this blog, which I periodically check to get a feel for who is  visiting, and from where.  It's kinda neat to see cyber contacts from places I'll never visit, who are interested in funky little musical instruments made from discarded cigar boxes, broomsticks and screen door wire, which can be used to create music, or to swat flies.  Pretty harmless stuff, right?

Well, the other day, I checked details in the counter and was surprised to see that along with interested folks from all around the USA and nineteen other foreign countries, there were multiple hits coming daily from the Department of Defense (DoD) Network Information Center, which serves the need of POTUS, the Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Combatant Commanders, and other Department of Defense components under all conditions of peace and war.

Wow!, here's ol' me, a senior citizen, who has never been arrested; can fly without being on a no-fly list; hasn't had a traffic violation in more years than I can remember; don't take any medication; married to the same woman for nearly fifty years; occasionally drinks a glass of really good Chardonnay; never smoked dope; and who can still boogie to a good Bob Segar song, is being monitored by the DoD . . . Ya, that's right, the DoD!

How did they ever find BinLaden, when they're watching guys like me?

So, I Googled the reference and found it's mission:

DoD Network Information Center Mission Statement:
To provide information and services that are critical to the operation of the worldwide IP router Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), and other DoD sponsored networks.

I like my guitars, and I think they are pretty well designed and crafted, but to catch the eye of 'Big Brother', these little devils gotta be cool. 

I'm so damned excited, I'll probably wet myself . . . not sure if it's from being critical to existence of the DoD, or if it's because they have nothing better to do than to watch or monitor, (who the hell cares it's all the same), intrusion into an old retired guy's hobby building guitars for a few US servicemen/women who are serving our country and dying, in a place nobody in their right mind would visit.

I bet Leo Fender or C. F Martin didn't have the Gov watching them.  Damn, is this hot or what!

What's next? . . . a visit from the boys in a blue suit and striped tie?

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