Friday, June 17, 2011

Brittany's New Axe

HM3 Brittany Saulsberry is a US Navy Corpsman stationed at Bastion Hospital in Afghanistan. 

She says her friends call her 'Steak'.  I didn't ask why, but I'd guess that it's her favorite food.  She sings in the church choir, brings a lot of joy to hospital patients with her bright smile and witty disposition, and she wants a cigar box guitar so she can further advance her passion for music.

In her words, "Any setting of a hospital can be dreadful, and so I do the best I can to build morale.  Music heals the heart.  When it's all down, music will always be around, and it heals the body faster."

So, Brittany, here it is . 

A three-string electro/acoustic that is based on an Oliva Robusto cigar box.  It has a nautical feel to the design, which I thought would be appropriate, since she is Navy Corpsman.  Like nearly all cigar boxes, the body is Spanish cedar with an oak neck and poplar fretboard.

Share your enthusiasm with your friends and patients, and enjoy your new axe.

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