Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Next

Well, I just finished the 'Peckerhead Mojo' and commenced to work on a six-string guitar for my friend Jeff.

It's a black Maker's Mark cigar box (the whiskey producer made a few promotional cigar boxes) with gold decorative lettering, which will become an electro/acoustic semi-hollowbody complete with all the fixins to whet Jeff's musical appetite.  To dress it up, I think I'm going to add a few pinstripe enhanced flames to the back of the box to give it a fire-breathing effect.

While I wait for the glue to dry, I'll start on an Acid box 'monster amp' that he wants to light up the MM, and the Burning Leaf three-string I made a couple weeks ago.

It's such a pleasure creating a guitar for someone like Jeff, because he gets pretty excited about the whole thing.  I'll post pics when it's complete.

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