Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Hit the Jackpot Today!

Nearly all of the three- and four-string guitars I've created have been fashioned from oak and poplar sticks picked up at Lowes and The Home Depot.  But, today I stumbled onto something special.

I decided to call a local cabinet maker to see if he might have a little waste wood laying around that I might be able to score from him.  Lo and behold, I hit the jackpot!  Not only does he have scrap material, but it is in the form of exotic woods, and the traditional domestic stuff . . . and, the great news is, he is going to cut and plane it to my specs and quantity requested . . . cheaper than I buy the pre-cut lumber from the other guys.

Whoa, I'm so stoked!  Can't wait to work with the new stuff, and to see the results.  Yes, I will be posting pics.

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