Friday, January 29, 2010

Why TotalRojo?

A friend asked me recently, "Why do you name your CBGs TotalRojo?"

Well, on a trip to Cancun with my wife, we were on the beach enjoying soaking up the sun, surf and suds, when I ventured off to the cabana to pickup a couple towels for us.  When the young guy tossing out rags asked my name, I responded, "Allred," to which he immediately retorted, "Oh, Mr. Todo Rojo."   We bantered back and forth for a while having a good time, and off I went.

Much to our surprise, for the entire rest of the time at the resort, I was known by all the waiters and waitresses as Mr. Todo Rojo.

So, I bastardized the translation into a 'Spanglish' version of my name, and it became TotalRojo, which is the reason for the logo.

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