Sunday, November 20, 2016

Spare Time Stuff

There's always small pieces of exotic wood floating around my shop getting in the way during the guitar building process, so I decided to turn them into something useful . . . guitar picks.

Decorative hand painted duck decoys is another 35-year sidebar interest I've played with.  It doesn't take much to keep me amused.

When I get really bored, I resort to working on 'Piano Man' creations for my friend Ken Arthur's elaborate art ehibit, which he shows at galleries, museums, and universities around the State of Ohio.

This particular creation is a representation of my blues music playing friend James 'Super Chikan' Johnson.  All the pieces used in the construction of the figure are from the internal workings of a baby grand piano dismantled by Ken and given to various artists for their unique contribution to his exhibit.

These cool guys, Luigi and Gianni, who adorn the walls of our kitchen, are carved from chunks of poplar wood and hand painted with acrylic.  Another 'honey-do' project to keep the cook happy.

I like all types of artwork, but abstract pieces seem to gravitate toward the front of my skull when I grab a brush and a tube of acrylic paint.

I don't have a discription for this painting, but funky balloons come to mind when I look at it.

A fireball racing through the night sky over a city is what I see in this acrylic.

Others viewing this may see a helluva mess of mis-applied paint, but, it doesn't really matter, because it keeps me sane in the process.

And, when I really get bored and distracted, I turn to painting rocks for our flower gardens.

If you look carefully at the butterfly, you will see a message of peace and love in the wings, which is being surveyed closely by the psychedelic frog.

I think it's time to go find something to do.  More later.

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