Thursday, August 27, 2015

It was bound to happen!

Last weekend, I shipped a cigar box guitar to a customer in Oregon. I really didn't want to sell it, but the buyer was persistent and so complimentary of my work that I caved in.

I've shipped dozens of guitars and amps all over the globe, by USPS Priority Mail, without a single mishap.  So, when asked by the postal clerk if I want insurance, my first reaction was, "Naw, I've shipped these things to the far reaches of the planet without a problem."  She said, "You sure?" Once again, I caved and bought insurance.

This is a photo of 'Sweetness', the three-string guitar. . . the one I should have left hanging on the wall.  I especially liked it, because the Cohiba box produces a great sound acoustically, and the handwound TotalRojo magnetic pickup gave it a rich and brilliant voice through my amp.  And, it looked good and felt good to play.

This is how the guitar arrived at its Oregon destination.

I was careful to wrap the guitar in bubble wrap and to fill the box with 'peanuts', and to attach 'fragile' stickers on all sides.  I guess I should have included stickers that said, "Please don't run over this box with your Gawddamn truck!"

Oh, well, I'll now wait to see if the insurance coverage works.

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