Wednesday, March 25, 2015

'Franny' Needs A Stand

When I finished building 'Francesca' and was busy slobbering all over her, my wife casually asked, "Where are you setting it, against the wall?"

Geez, I hate clutter and stuff just sitting around in the way, especially something that can be easily damaged.  I gotta build a stand!

Off to the shop to create a special guitar stand for 'Franny'.

I recently acquired some really cool spalted maple wood in the scrap bin at my favorite exotic wood store, so I was off and running.  I love the grain of the unusual woods.

Often, I choose not to work with patterns when creating some of the stuff I build, because they are to be one-off creations . . . I don't work an assembly line, and I try never to make two of anything the same.

So, it was measure, cut, glue, screw, sand and finish, and voila, there's a stand for 'Franny'.

I hope you like it.    ;-)

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