Sunday, May 25, 2014

Allmosta Amp

While shopping at one of my favorite and most unique record stores . . . yes, that's record, like in vinyl recording for a turntable . . . something the NOW generation wouldn't recognize . . . I stopped in to the adjacent secondhand store to scope out what might become the newest treasure I could not live without.

There waiting for me to purchase and turn it into a really cool guitar amp was a Zenith standup radio complete with shortwave features manufactured around 1940 . . . geez, it's a old as me, and in just as good condition.  This photo shows it partially disassembled.  I got so excited about re-purposing this thing that I commenced the dismantle before I got the camera involved.  Oh, well, you'll soon see it in all its redone glory.  Stay tuned for a finished photo.

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