Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Every Guitar Needs A Stand. Right!

I love building guitars, and I like to display them and to have them ready to play, but it's not very practical to have them stacked up in the corner or leaning against the wall to be knocked over by a renegade animal or grandkid.  Commercial stands are very practical, but they have the appeal of a shopping center bicycle stand.  And, it just seems appropriate that a handmade guitar should rest in a special homegrown stand.

I like to hang my guitars, but it's not a good idea to start drilling holes in the living room wall without the blessing of the person who really runs the place, my wife.  So, the next best thing was to create a stand that would keep 'Elvira' upright and safe.  

There's always a few leftover pieces from a build, or something that hasn't made its way into the creative flow.  In this case it was pieces of exotic Sapele and maple.  It's easy to build a simple guitar stand with a couple dowels, a base board, upright supports, and a back rest, but I wanted something that would be a bit different and that would compliment my guitar.

The darker Sapale contrasting with the lighter maple wood satisfied my idea of how the stand could look.  I saw a gun rack several years ago that was freestanding and I liked how it looked, so I incorporated some of the design into what would work for a guitar.  

The legs, which are attached to the angled and contoured feet, fit snugly against the upright shaft.  You'll notice the braces separating the feet and legs are contoured and angled as well, and the bottoms of the feet are also angled to sit flat on the floor (stability).  By accident, the shaft when viewed straight-on looks a little like a stylized guitar.  All pieces are glued and screwed together with buttons to cover the screws for a nice sanitary completion.

The neck rest extends out from the shaft just far enough to keep the guitar body from hitting the legs, but angled enough to keep it from falling over.  Strips of soft carpet glued to the feet and 'hand' protect the guitar finish.

I had to add the TotalRojo logo lest I forget, in my old age, who made the thing.

If any of you pickers out there need a custom guitar stand, I think I could fix you up.  Give me a shout and we'll work something out.

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  1. That's a beautiful stand.
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