Wednesday, July 31, 2013

'Hog Snout'

Paul Smith, who lives in Worcester, England, is pretty happy with the guitar pickups I've created for him, which is the root of a couple of videos he's created for his FaceBook page.

Paul calls himself Boss Hog or some similar moniker, so I decided to fix him up with a pickup that might reflect his true self.

He saw the skull pup I created for Carlton Gill-Blyth, and he thought something like the hog would work just right for him.

It's a hand wound magnetic pup shaped and painted in the form of an intense 'bush hog' with volume control and output jack installed, so Paul won't need to do anything but install it and rip out some cool blues on a three-string guitar.

If you cannot live without a custom made guitar pickup for that favorite ax, let me know, and I'll create something special for you.  If you wonder if they're cool and do the job, just ask Carl or Paul.

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