Sunday, June 3, 2012

Created by my Aussie friend Jef Long

This is the latest from the stable of my Australian friend Jef Long.  I met Jef a couple years ago, while surfing the cigarboxguitarsaustralia web site.  He is one of the most creative guys I know, and he creates guitars from mostly found objects . . . wood pallets; discarded lumber; downed trees; and gawd only knows what else.  You'll note the unusual layout of the fretboard, but please, don't expect me to explain it.  According to Jef it is designed around some myxolodian concept (I think), who in hell knows, perhaps when Jef reads this he'll share the details with us.  One thing I do know is that Jef, and many other Australian builders, are some of the most creative instrument builders on the planet.   I hope you enjoy this little gem as much as I do.

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