Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things Are Cool In Ireland

Last Thursday, I shipped a parcel to my new buddy Carlton Gill-Blyth in Ireland via US Postal Service Priority Mail.  He received it today -- that's less than six days.  Hell, if I ship a guitar to California, it takes longer.  What's wrong with this picture?

Carl traded me a couple unusual instruments for the 'Revelator' resonator guitar and the 'Louie' amp.  I fooled him by enclosing the 'Gitfiddle' as well.

The attached photo expresses his happiness quite well.

Carl is funny as hell, and he plays a mean harmonica.  And, he also creates some very nice six-string guitars.

He tells me the hat is a Taliban surplus (I didn't ask how he got it, 'cause I'm not sure I want to know), especially since he said it needed to be washed before he could wear it (too much blood for his taste).

Carl calls me a 'nutter' (loose term for a certifiable madman), but I'll let you decide who the madman is.

One day I hope to travel once again to the Emerald Isle.  It's a beautiful land, and the people are wonderful -- as you can tell.

Have fun Carl, and play hell out of those gits.

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