Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Don't Get It!

I was reading various posts on Cigar Box Nation, when I bumped into something a member had shared.

He introduced us to the The Loog Guitar site.  The sales hype says "The small and innovative three-string guitar that makes it fun and easy for kids to play music."

It's a site where you can buy an unfinished wood three-string guitar kit.   The kit comes with pre-formed 18- fret neck; three simple body styles; and accessories which include nylon strings.  It's ready to build and finish.  And, it's specially priced at only $195.

He stated that the company has contracted with him to produce a CD, which it can sell as an aside to help someone learn to play a three-string guitar.  This must be why this guy, who is one of the strongest supporters of the cigar box revolution, and who plays CBGs in his CD tutorials and when he is subway busking, has decided to promote the Loog.

With the abundance of moderately priced, high-quality cigar box guitars available from a vast number of qualified builders, it's difficult to understand why anyone would  pay $195 for a simple, plain vanilla kit with no special character to it -- which they must assemble?

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